3rd Times’ the Charm!

Okay, so this is my  3rd attempted to blog.       Yes, 3rd.

First one wasn’t successful, and the other I completely forgot about.

So!  Let’s hope this one goes better and has more life in it.  Because I like life.  It’s fun. : )

What’s this blog about you ask?  I’ll tell you!

My life!

Your life!

Random things that will make you smile!

And the title of this blog…clothespin life…well I had to think of something creative that wasn’t already taken, so I went with Clothespin Life because at the moment that’s how my life is organized.  Confused?  Here’s a picture.

Or two…

It’s how I keep up with my week.

What’s happenin’, who it’s happenin’ with, and occasionally I’ll put up a quote or a lyric up there reminding me to smile : )

And if you’re curiously wondering…or not wondering! I’ll tell ya anyway that the “Big Retreat” in the above picture is a messy event that is happening with my new HIS sisters.  I just joined the Christian sorority on campus and I’m super excited!

Now you have some random information about me : )

So don’t forget to come by and visit because I could have something that will interest you!  A song of the day, and picture of a squirrel, my complaining of a bad day (or being joyful of a good day!), or advice for you!

If you ever become a loyal follower, leave comments of what you like, don’t like, or even suggestions for a new post!

Much love,



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