One Year, One Very Important Book

So I learned in religion class recently that in the entire world there are 2 billion Christians.  And I wonder how many of those 2 billion have actually read the whole bible.  I know I’m guilty of not.  My professor said he has a friend who teaches at a high school, and in one of his classes he asked how many people would keep their bible if it was illegal…like a very intense felony if you owned a bible, and the majority of the class raised their hands.

Second, he asked, “How many of you read your bible every day?”.  Most of the class put their hands down.

How crazy is that…these kids (and many other Christians) would put their lives on the line for a book they don’t even read.

Obviously noted, it was a huge wake up call.  I’ve looked up verses before when I need some advice, but I’ve never set aside the time to read my bible front to back.

Time is too short, so after 20 years of putting it off, I’m getting on it as fast as I can!

And when I say fast, I mean a year.

If you think about it it’s not that long, but it feels long when you’re sitting around thinking about how long each day will take.

I’m just glad I’m finally taking the initiative.  I’m using a great one year plan from  They a lot of different plans that work for anybody, so if you haven’t done it yet…do it right now.

Like right now, don’t finish reading this post, go to the website right…!

I know after a year goes by I’ll feel so much more empowered by the Word, and that I can successfully live out God’s plan for me whatever that may be.

How about you, have you read the whole bible? If you have, do you still read yours everyday?  Would you risk your life for this book if it became illegal tomorrow?  Just a food for thought.

Much love,

Lauren <3


2 thoughts on “One Year, One Very Important Book

  1. Well I love that this is a priority for you and encourage you with it! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve started but am sad to say that haven’t completed but I am motivated by you to try again! I love you my sweet girl!

  2. What an inspiration you are… I am amongst the many that would keep their Bible, but cannot say that I have read it from cover to cover. I also agree that you have motivated me to try and do the same.

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