Look up!

Ever tired of the same ol’ scenery you see everyday?

It’s still lovely as always (or not for some) but it gets boring, or just gets to a point you don’t even pay attention to what’s around you.

Well here’s a simple idea:

Look up!

Look up and to the right!  Straight up!  All directions of up!

Just one of those things that are so obvious you don’t even think to do it (unless I’m the only oblivious one and you are now snickering at this post…which is quite possible)

Well today while walking through an area of a bunch of trees, I looked up and saw this:

Pretty, huh?

*note that even though it is edited via instragram via iPhone… trust me that it’s just as beautiful non-edited :)

So, just a food for thought, when you’re out and in doubt, look up!  99% chance you’ll like what you see.

Much love,



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