One of Those Seriously Weird Days…

Everyone has these days.  Everything seems to be going wrong or just weird.  Let me tell you…it was a weird day yesterday.

My day started pretty good, had awesome lunch, found a new coffee shop to study at…then I came home and it all went downhill from there.  Not really downhill, just….it was just weird, you’ll see.

Alright weird thing #1:  One of my roommates woke up with her retainer out of her mouth, which she did put in before bed.  Weird?  Yeah, that doesn’t just happen.  Oh!  And a cricket appeared in her bathroom which is one of her biggest fears.  Yick.

Weird thing #2:  One of my friends (who is practically a roommate) has had stomach issues for a week and just threw up today.  Well it’s not really weird, but that’s not a good day.

Weird thing #3:  Another roommate has been studying all day and was stuck in class very late.  Again, not weird, just a not so fun day.

Final weird thing that led to a long event of weirdness:  My other roommate was minding her own business when her light went out.  The twist is it didn’t just go off…it made one of creepy eeky sounds, like the kind you hear in an empty parking garage before someone gets kidnapped.

Anyway, she was freaked out (obviously noted) and also because her room does weird things.  Like her door never stays open.  It always slowly shuts which is odd because it hasn’t always done this.  We’ve come to the conclusion it’s haunted.

So after that she we noticed a burning smell.  A bad smell that wouldn’t just come from a lightbulb burnout.  The smell was getting worse and WORSE in our rooms and we couldn’t find out where it was coming from.  It didn’t smell bad anywhere else but our room.

The hallway didn’t smell, neighbor’s rooms didn’t smell, the room above us didn’t smell…it was definitely just us.  And we were convinced our room was going to burn down.

We got an RA, the smell conveniently disappeared a little bit when she came by, and all was well. But then the smell came back.

Spooky?  Shyeah.

The smell made its way to the hallway eventually, I guess it couldn’t contain itself in our room forever, but it still remained inside.

The smell stayed for awhile, then slowly drifted away.  Either that or our noses adapted to it.  And I know you’e now waiting for a big stupid or creepy explanation but alas there is none.

We never found the source.  We still assume it was my roommate’s room because it’s the only logical thing to assume.  Level with me here:

Her room is in the corner.

The darkest area.

Things lurk in dark corners.

Her door doesn’t stay open and her light went out.

Our room is haunted, especially her room.

It’s the only conclusion.

Of course I’m being a teense dramatic and possibly exaggerating.  But come on…it’s weird right?  All that couldn’t happen just from a stinkin’ lightbulb!!

Well I hope you have enjoyed our traumatic story, we’re all bound to have one of these days.  I hope yours involves less creepiness and more normality.

Much love,



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