Classic….or Non-classic Date Night

Alrighty folks. Ever been called for a last minute date? It happens to many people and it’s no big deal. Well I had one of those last night…to a formal.

Not just a regular ol’ date…but a FORMAL.

I was out eating with a few friends at Freebirds (which is better than Chipotle) and received a call from a friend 45 minutes before the dance started. Which seems like a lot of time…but I still had to get ready. I told him we’d probably have to be late.

We had to finish eating which took like another 30 minutes, then came back to campus and I had to get ready as fast as possible.

We got back at around 8:50 and the formal started at 9:00 D: Definitely wasn’t gonna make it by that time.

Normally I could get ready fast, but my hair was so greasy I could’ve made a mohawk out of it. (Exaggerating, don’t get too grossed out…it was greasy though.)

So I washed my hair, dried it, redid make-up, thought of what to wear THEN got dressed, and was ready by 9:20ish or so. I felt like a beast. I don’t know if that’s a record, but it felt like one to me so I’ll take it. I’m proud of it.

If it was any other date I wouldn’t be impressed with that timing, I’m just amazed I got ready that fast for a nice event. Never thought I could do that in under an hour.

Either way we got there late obviously, but not too late, we still had an awesome time that night.

It was a dance in an art museum near campus…pretty spiffy, eh?

Lots of dancing, lots of friends, then went to the new In-N-Out afterwards.

Overall, I’d give it a A+ night.

I wanna hear, have you had something like this happen to you? Feel free to beat my record! (I’m sure someone has!)

Much love,



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