Beware of Christians

Are you intimidated by Christians?  Annoyed?  Don’t care for them?

If you answered yes, that’s totally normal.  Christians come off as all of these things because some view themselves as better than everyone who isn’t a Christian.  Many of us are not like this, but unfortunately this is the vibe that has been given, therefore Jesus Christ isn’t being spread through the world because nobody wants to be apart of something that gives of a snooty feel.

This documentary called “Beware of Christians” is about four guys who spent weeks traveling through Europe to breakdown what Christianity meant to people, and where they stand in their values.

They brought it down to the raw core point:  Jesus.

They took out all the religion, the rules, and all the extra baggage that clings onto Christianity and focused purely on what God wants from us in this world.

And it’s a struggle.  A huge struggle.  The reality that many Christians have failed to see for many years now…is that it’s hard to be a Christian.  It’s about the hardships and the faith we have to show people to get them to know Christ.  Just because God is present in your life doesn’t mean you’ll have a great, care-free, non-worry life.  That’s a giant misconception nowadays.

You have to work for it, and show that you’re a Jesus follower.  It’s hard, but it’s worth it.

He is worth it.

Get the DVD or see if their coming to a city near you sometime soon and check them out.  It’s a good slap in the face that all of us need.

(Note:  This is NOT some ol’ boring documentary.  It’s full of emotion – from laughter to tears, you’ll be intrigued by it…I pinky promise!)

Go check it out.  God’s waiting for us.  People need to beware of christians.

Much love,



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