That One Special Place

So we all know we have that one place that we love to go to, to think, to study, to chill, to do whateva we feel like doin’.

Could be a giant tree a block down from your house, a giant underpass with graffiti all over it, a coffee shop, a laundromat that’s on an old street…anything!

You just feel so at peace where you are, and feel like you could get to know whoever is there.  It’s a second home full of strangers who could feel like family in two seconds.

It’s my second year in college and I finally found my spot a couple weeks ago.  It’s a lovely lil’ coffee shop called AVOCA Coffee.

It’s utterly fantastic.  Wanna see?  Of course you do! (Not the best picture, I apologize.)

Not only does it look cool (it’s an old garage), it has an awesome vibe full of spectacular people…I knew this was my place when two guys sitting at a big table next to me got up to help an older woman get inside because she was carrying a lot of stuff.  When she got in, she couldn’t find a place to sit because she had a big group coming, so the guys gave up their table and moved to a smaller.  This is why I still have faith in humanity :)

Also, the location just adds to all this bliss.

It’s on a street that’s in an older part of town and ALL the shops and buildings are vintage-esque and equally neat to go into.  There’s a super cool vegan restaurant across the street (I don’t favor vegan food at all but this place is great.  Go look it up.)  There’s other fabulous restaurants, shops and treasures to be found down here.

Makes for fan-TAS-tic pictures, I must say :)

Pretty lattes ALWAYS make for a good day :)

So come visit this place sometime, see if it could be your spot!

Btw, what’s your spot?  If you’re in college, did it take a long time to find one?  Where was your spot growing up?  Lemme know!

Much love,



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