Easy Ways to Be Creative

People call me artsy and creative and tell me they wish they had a clever mind like mine. (which is very false, I believe to be none of these things)

But I have an answer for you people who wish you were creative.  Well with today’s technology, you can appear as the most innovational person alive without any effort.  Just takes a little research.

I look at crafting and art blogs religiously, and look for insight from their intuitive minds.  One of my favorite blogs had a post about her favorite photography apps for her iPhone and just like that, I could make pail of stones look that coolest picture in the world.

I fell in L-O-V-E with one of the apps called PictureShow.  Alas to be creative comes with a price, but it’s absolutely worth it because you’ll get addicted right away. Here are a few pictures I’ve already taken.

See? So easy!  The app looks a bit intimidating, but let me reassure you, if you don’t know how to edit them all nifty, there is a button on the app that does it for you!  Magic!

There are so many other cool photography apps such as…



Camera Bag


And a lot more!

Well I hope this post helped open up the creative side of your brain, may you be inspired to become naturally innovative.

Next time I’ll make a post about Modge Podge and all it’s glory.  Seriously you can use it for ANYTHING and you can’t mess it up, I promise.

Much love,



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