My Toughest Project Yet

Okay I don’t know how this project turned out to be so difficult, but it was.

I made a ukulele song book for my friend Collin for Christmas…and it was near an epic fail.

I started out by buying scrapbook paper and sewing it to card-stock so that it wouldn’t be so flimsy when I mailed it to him. Somehow that was the easiest part.

Then I printed off ukulele songs and used Mod Podge to glue them on the paper.  That turned out to be a mess.  Luckily you can’t tell from the pictures.

Another thing I did was completely butcher the hole punches on the side.  I had to tape and re-punch numerous times.  No clue how I accomplished that.

I think I was just so frustrated in trying to get the present to him on time, that I became very impatient with the project.

Words of wisdom: Never become impatient with your crafts.  Whoever is getting it will love it even if it’s late.  You just want to make sure you do a good job on it.

Needless to say, his gift is late and it wasn’t my best work.  I know he’ll appreciate anyway.  Here’s the rest of the songbook:

Here are the songs I chose:

  • Hey, Soul Sister (very obvious choice for ukulele song)
  • Somewhere Over the Rainbow (also obvious)
  • Mele Kalikimaka (had to send him a Hawaiian Christmas song!)
  • I’m Yours (such a classing song)
  • Hey Ya (I was inspired by this cover to send it to him)
  • Marry Me (not typical ukulele song, but it’s a very special song to him and his girlie)

So forgive me for my poor crafting job, but we all have these incidents!

I’ll post something else soon to make up for it :)

Much love,



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