Inspiration Board

Over Christmas Break, I collected a few catalogs from urbanoutfitters and Free People, and realized how much I love looking through them.  Not just for the obvious reasons, but how they do the layouts, the photography they use, the lighting, the presentation…the creativity of it is really neat and inspiring.

So! I decided, well hey, why not make an inspiration board out of these? For clothing inspiration, home decorating inspiration, photography inspiration, everything!

I don’t want to keep my inspiration board strictly to these two stores, but that’s what I have for now, and I really like the way it turned out.

I had some square cork boards laying around, so I just put them up, and started tacking things! And I also did it by category sort of.

On bottom I did mostly home stuff, and different kinds of cameras. I don’t know what it is about that pug pillow, but I adore it.

Did anyone else watch Bob Ross paint on that random channel? I loved him.  And I mean love.

Then on one corner I did lots of Indian/Aztec inspired patterns.

I'm in love with the top left picture with the fence. Isn't it gorgeous?

The other corner was a bit random, but it had a vintage feel if you will.  Then in the middle I had a few pictures that were really bright and colorful.  Always great in for a photo op.

I have a crush on this necklace.  Is that weird?  Good, I thought so.

I hope this makes you go out and make your own inspiration boards! And the awesome part about it?  You can’t make it wrong, cause it’s purely about what inspires you.

I really like the way mine turned out, and I can’t wait to change it out through the semester.

Much love,



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