Creativity Dehydration

Hello readers. I’m lacking on my blog…a lot. And I am very sorry.

The life of a college kid…or at least my college kid life is lacking in exciting new things. You’d think it’d be the other way around.  Which it should be. However I did see a band perform last night at a coffee shop on campus which was a lot of fun. I’ll make a post about it soon, here’s a sneak peek of them:


However, I really have been lacking on creativity lately.  No inspiration, no nothing.  It’s a sad time in my life for that reason.  I probably have more time than I realize, but I feel like I have no time to do fun creative posts because school takes up “too much time”. It really doesn’t on my part, that’s just my excuse.

School life is going to get busy in the coming two weeks so…yeah I’ll still be MIA for the most part for a while.  Huge bummer. I promise one of these days I’ll be dedicated to many kinds of posts.

So don’t give up on me! Just bear it out with me. You won’t regret it!

Oh, and go Giants.

Much love,



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