What I Wore Today Roommate Edition: Valentine’s Day

So I haven’t posted an outfit in awhile…been lacking on a photographer and a time to be able to do it.  So I decided to be behind the camera and let someone else be in a post.  Plus she looks so adorable it can’t go unnoticed.

Meet Jayde, one of my beautiful roommates (that’s right, I don’t just have one, but THREE beautiful roommates. And they’re amazing people. I’m a lucky duck)

Jayde’s Outfit:  Dress – Esley (borrowed from me); Jacket  & Earrings – Forever 21; Tights – Old; Shoes – Target; Necklace – Tiffany’s; Watch – Vintage

She had a sorority meeting tonight and had to wear something red, white, or pink for a Valentine’s day picture.  And she didn’t really have anything to wear to it and asked if I had anything…wellll this darling thing instantly popped in my head and it fit her like a dream.

And of course she accessorized it in the chicest way possible.  This girl is GOOD at accessorizing whether she believes me or not.

Well hope this adorable getup inspired you for the upcoming holiday, goodnight all!

Much love,



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