Keep Calm and Snap On

Is this poster not the most amazing thing you’ve ever seen??

Okay maybe not the MOST amazing, but it’s pretty darn cute I gotta say.  I ordered it from Photojojo (it’s the blue cloud over there to the right on my home screen that says ‘Photojojo’ on it…CLICK ON IT!

If photography is your thing, you might fall in love with this store…or you might start stalking it, whatever you want.  It has everything from lenses, camera accessories, picture frames, iPhone camera effects…they have it all.  And the service of this place?  Really top drawer.  (if any of you out there know what ‘Auntie Mame‘ is, that was definitely a movie reference…if you don’t know it, go watch it…like right now.)

The Star Wars posters have been replaced...don't worry they're still hanging up in my room.

I also got a surprise in the tube with my poster and it’s the cutest lil’ thing I ever did see.  If you want to know what it is, then order something from Photojojo because trust me you’ll find something you need there anyway.

I’m quickly making a list of things I love/want/need from the store and next on my list is a Dreamy Diana Lens.  Has such a cool effect!

If you’re a photographer and like to experiment and have fun with it I would highly recommend Photojojo for you.  You won’t regret it, so go check it out.

Much love,



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