My Week in Instagrams

So it’s still winter, and we had 80 degree weather today.  The most amazing day.  When I was walking back to my dorm from class, I noticed how many people were multi-tasking by walking and using their cellphones.  The reason I just noticed is because I also typically use my phone as I’m walking to or from class.

Moon good as they were in elementary school.

It made me so sad to realize how much we’ve been missing!  We should all be appreciating and soaking in the amazingly beautiful day God gave us.  It was the same scenery as always, but the weather and the mood of the day just emphasized what a gorgeous campus this is.

Made a wall of hats. Who doesn't want lots of cool hats hanging up?

Then I strolled into our commons and saw that EVERYONE was sitting outside enjoying the weather.  Well maybe not everyone, but a ton of people.  That never happens.  People doing homework, playing guitar, doing cartwheels…it was awesome.  Then I went in my room to do homework and thought….what am I doing??

Mardi Gras Day in the BLUU. Beads and Cajun galore.

So now as I am blogging, I am sitting outside loving this 74 degree weather and also creeping on what everybody is out here doing.  Just sitting here in my own little world I can feel the connection between everyone.  That probably sounds extremely corny probably a tad weird, but it’s pretty freaking true.

Chocolate chip, potato chip, & pretzel cookies. YUM

This has just been a happy week in general.  Little things everyday that make the day grand.

Say hello to the MobQuad!

I hope your day was as wonderful as mine here in North Texas, and if not, I hope you fully appreciate and take advantage of awesome days that are coming your way.

Much love,



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