So I guess we’ve all noticed I’ve been lacking on the blog…

I’m marking March of 2012 the lowest point of my life (aka the laziest point) for no particular reason.  No idea why I was so unproductive.

But April is already a turn around.  I feel very motivated and inspired to maximize potential (except in the school area…that stuff is hard to get motivated for. Erk!) I think it’s “the big 2-0” as my roommate put it earlier.  By the end of this week, I’ll officially no longer be a teenager. *HUGE sigh of relief.

Soooo anyways, here’s what’s going on in my life via Instagrams!

Well I’m not sure if I’ll be here again before the end of the week, so have a marvelous rest of your week and a stupendous weekend!

Much love,





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