Churches & Staircases

Recently it was so gorgeous outside, we were so not in the mood to be on campus, so me and my roommate Shelby decided to go and take some pictures near downtown of areas we thought were cool.  We took a lot of pictures, but these are most of my favorites. (I know there’s a lot of Shelby on the stairs…but they’re so great, I couldn’t help myself.)

This old building is a broken down studio I’m pretty sure, and I’ve had my eye on it since I moved down here.  If I could live in it, that would be a dream.

And can we talk about how beautiful my roommate is? Come on.  What a stunner.

And Happy Easter everyone, I hope you had a wonderful, long weekend!

Much love,



Easy Ways to Be Creative

People call me artsy and creative and tell me they wish they had a clever mind like mine. (which is very false, I believe to be none of these things)

But I have an answer for you people who wish you were creative.  Well with today’s technology, you can appear as the most innovational person alive without any effort.  Just takes a little research.

I look at crafting and art blogs religiously, and look for insight from their intuitive minds.  One of my favorite blogs had a post about her favorite photography apps for her iPhone and just like that, I could make pail of stones look that coolest picture in the world.

I fell in L-O-V-E with one of the apps called PictureShow.  Alas to be creative comes with a price, but it’s absolutely worth it because you’ll get addicted right away. Here are a few pictures I’ve already taken.

See? So easy!  The app looks a bit intimidating, but let me reassure you, if you don’t know how to edit them all nifty, there is a button on the app that does it for you!  Magic!

There are so many other cool photography apps such as…



Camera Bag


And a lot more!

Well I hope this post helped open up the creative side of your brain, may you be inspired to become naturally innovative.

Next time I’ll make a post about Modge Podge and all it’s glory.  Seriously you can use it for ANYTHING and you can’t mess it up, I promise.

Much love,